International Human Rights Series

In 2001 Fazal Sheikh conceived of a series of projects that would engage an international audience and further their understanding of complex human rights issues around the world. These projects would take a variety of forms – books, films, posters, catalogues and exhibitions – and would be disseminated as widely as possible free of charge. They would also be made available over the Internet.
The first two projects were books: A Camel for the Son (IHRS 2001) and Ramadan Moon (IHRS 2001) considered the situation of women refugees from Somali asylum seekers in The Netherlands. The third project was a DVD, based on Fazal Sheikh’s book The Victor Weeps (Scalo 1998), a study of Afghan refugee communities exiled to camps on the North Pakistan border. These projects were published and distributed through a network of international humanities institutions free of charge.
In 2005 and 2007, copies of Moksha (Steidl) and Ladli (Steidl), two books which examine the prejudice against women in traditional Indian society, were distributed without charge through a network of institutions concerned with human rights and brought to the attention of the media and relevant political representatives.
Since its inception, one of the most important initiatives of the International Human Rights Series has been to make all Fazal Sheikh’s published projects available online in their entirety. Links to the online versions of these titles can be found on this site.