The Victor Weeps

The Victor Weeps

Scalo Publishers (Zurich – New York – Berlin)
With text by Fazal Sheikh
Design: Hans Werner Holzwarth
248 pages, 152 duotone images
23.5 x 28.5 cm
Hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN 3-931141-95-0
Publication date: 1998
Currently out of print

When two bulls fight, the leg of the calf is broken

International Human Rights Series
16 pp, 12 duotone images
23 x 25.5 cm
Publication date: October 8, 2001
Softcover pamphlet

On October 8, 2001, the day the United States began its bombing campaign on Afghanistan, 70,000 copies of When two bulls fight… were printed and distributed through a wide network of humanitarian organizations, cultural institutions, and the media. During the first week of the war, 20,000 copies were distributed at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In the subsequent months, as the campaign continued, the pamphlet was reprinted to provide a voice to counter the prevailing mood of repression and aggression.

The Victor Weeps DVD

International Human Rights Series
Running time: 30 minutes
PAL and NTSC versions
Publication date: 2002

This project was produced as part of the International Human Rights Series, to be distributed to institutions, schools and colleges, and made available to as wide a public as possible, at a time when the US-led invasion had made Afghanistan, once again the focus of an international power struggle. The portraits and narratives of The Victor Weeps convey the tragedy of Afghan refugees exiled by a former war. They illustrate that faith can create conflict as well as offer comfort, but that justice can only be served if peace is the ultimate goal.