About this Site

Since 2000, when Fazal Sheikh conceived of a non-commercial publishing imprint that would enable him to make some of his projects widely accessible, free of charge, he has made all his work available over the Internet. This includes his books – most of which are now available in online editions – as well as images, selected reviews, and information about exhibitions and other publications. This site therefore represents a record of his work to date, a research and publishing resource, and an archive.

Netvertising has played an important role over the past decade in adapting Fazal Sheikh’s projects for the Internet, particularly in their collaboration and support of the International Human Rights Series. They are committed to optimizing the reach of his work.

As an editor, Liz Jobey has been a thoughtful collaborator in the evolution of this site.

In providing this resource free of charge Fazal Sheikh asks that his legal rights be respected and the site be used in the spirit in which it was conceived.

© Fazal Sheikh – The texts and images on this website are protected by artists’ copyright. The downloading and reproduction of any part of this website without the express written authorization of the author will be prosecuted by law.

All enquiries about the use of texts or images for reproduction may be addressed to: contact@fazalsheikh.org